Hall of fame

Final Bike picked up!

The last Limited Edition Wageningen University bike was collected today by Selma! We wish here a lot of biking fun with it. Soon the new replacing item will be available.

Backpacks coming soon!

The new great prize of WURpp, the Wageningen University Backpacks, will be available soon! We have a male and female version, both capable of holding 65-75L of your travel gear.

Love in the air!

Over 150 heartwarming Valentine's Day pictures were send in with WURpp. We felt the love and hope you had a great day!

Spot Spread the WURd!

Have you found the members of Social Media team 'Spread the WURd' yet? They are mostly present at large events, for example at the Dies Natalis (March 9th) and the BSc Open Day (March 12th). You can recognize them by their blue jackets.

Another WU bike earned!

Active WURpper Lieke has shown quite some perseverance and completed enough assignments to receive the Limited Edition WUR Bike! How close are you?

Winners assignment OAY

Congratulations to the winners of the Wageningen University Hoodie after participating in the WURpp assignment “Opening Academic Year – Contest”!

Louise O. Fresco quotes students at OAY

Louise O. Fresco, President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR, has used quotes from students from the WURpp assignment “Disruptive Thinking” during her speech at the opening of the academic year 2015. The winner of this assignment was Maria del Pozo. Her quote was: “Disruptive thinking is the base for a Wageningen student allowing the bravely, determination and innovation necessary to produce a change in the world.”

Spot the WUR Wolf!

These students already found the Wageningen Wolf! He even found a nice panda friend. Did you also spot him?

Collect your outdoor group set

The Yggdrasilstam – the student scouting group of Wageningen – has collected their own outdoor summer night set with the group feature of WURpp. With the super easy party tent and fire bowl their they are thoroughly prepared for surviving all fun, outdoor situations.

WURpp in Resource

WURpp has been featured in the Resource this summer. WURpp users indicated that they wanted to have more benches on Campus to sit and relax. They have been heard! The University will place benches on the field in front of the Forum after the summer.


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