WURpp -The app for all students of Wageningen University

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  • Complete the assignments
  • Collect nice gadgets
  • Show your Wageningen student life to the world


I cannot upload the photo in the assignment?

Please contact wurpp@wur.nl 

I just completed the assignment, when will my receive my points?

The points are awarded within 7 days, provided that the submission meets the requirements of the assignment.

How will I get my rewards?

We will contact you about your order.

Some of the orders can be picked up at the Atlas building. Others, such as the Wageningen University T-shirts and sweater, can be ordered by you in the webshop of Wageningen University http://www.wur.unigear.eu/

You will receive a voucher code with a unique code to order your size and colour of choice. Your items will be shipped by the webshop.


I just ordered my reward, when will I get it?

We try to process your order within 5 working days and send out your voucher or pick up time within this period. 

I'm a group member, but cannot order a reward?

Only the administrator of the group can collect the rewards. Are you the administrator yourself? Contact wurpp@wur.nl 

What do you use my input for?

We use your input to show Wageningen University and Research center to the world. This can be done with online and offline promotional tools, such as folders, Social Media or a blog. Also, we use your input to try to improve our organization, our recruitment and marketing. 

If you have any further questions you can send an email to wurpp@wur.nl


If you have any questions, please contact us.


Wageningen University

PO Box 9101

6700 HB Wageningen

The Netherlands