Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

This disclaimer and privacy statement is applicable on the application WURpp, developed by Wageningen University. By using WURpp of Wageningen University you agree with this disclaimer and privacy statement. Wageningen University can at any moment and without prior notice, change the conditions of this disclaimer and privacy statement. The changes will apply as soon as they are published op this page.



The WUR Student Application (WURpp) is developed for marketing, research and entertainment and is owned by Wageningen University (KvK nr. 09215846)


Though Wageningen University paid the utmost care to the information displayed in this application, it cannot be guarantee the completeness and accuracy of it. Wageningen University therefore does not accept any responsibility for this in whichever form.

Wageningen University reserves the right to accept or reject orders or entries as it sees fit. It does not accept any responsibility for any possible mistakes or problems in the ordering or delivery process of items ordered in WURpp.

References to websites that are not maintained by Wageningen University are meant for the convenience of the user. Wageningen University cannot ensure the content or the performance of the website or the quality of possible offers on those websites.

Furthermore, Wageningen University does not guarantee that the functions in WURpp will satisfy your needs or expectations or that the performance of the app is without interruption or fault, or that the software is free of viruses or other harmful components

In no circumstance will Wageningen University accept any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss caused by the use, in whichever way, of WURpp.

Use of information and images

The information, images and lay-out of text and software or this application are intellectual property of Wageningen University. Copying, distributing and all other use of these materials without referencing the source is not allowed.

Information from entries

The user can fulfil assignments by entering information, images and other content in WURpp.

  • Entered content can be used by Wageningen University for promotional purposes
  • The user is not obliged to enter the information in the assignments, but by entering information the user gives permission to Wageningen University to use this information free of copyrights
  • All Social Media sharing assignments need to be visible to at least the user itself and added friends in the Social Medium of the user.
    It is not required to share the assignment with everyone on the Social Medium, if this is not specifically requested in the assignment description. 

Privacy Statement

Personal data

In WURpp of Wageningen University we ask for personal data for the performance of several agreements you can enter with Wageningen University:

  • We ask for a name that we will use to make conversations with you more personal. You are not required to enter your real name
  • We ask your mail address to send you information, like electronic confirmation of orders and applying for new passwords. We also use this mail address to contact you on account of questions or remarks on entries, orders and/or answering question or remarks that you sent in through the contact form in WURpp
  • We ask for your year of birth, study, nationality and starting year of studying at Wageningen University to select applicable assignments and sort relevant information to display in WURpp and sent by mail.

All above data will also be used for statistical analysis to improve the user friendliness of WURpp

Wageningen University will respect the privacy of its users and its app and will only use the data for the above mentioned purposes. The data will be used in compliance with the Dutch Data Protection Act.

The responsibility of the processing of personal data lies with Wageningen University (Droevendaalsesteeg 4, 6708PB Wageningen).

Sobit (Agro Business Park 75-83, 6708PV Wageningen) is editor as commissioned by Wageningen University. They are in charge of the technical development and the management of the application.

Sharing of information with third parties

Your personal data will not be sent to third parties without explicit permission, except when this third party is commissioned as editor

Necessary information to enter

To use the app, a username is necessary. It is not compulsory to enter your own name. A username can be a fictional name and needs to have at least 4 characters.

The entry of your Wageningen UR mail address is necessary to be able to receive information and order notifications from us. We also need your year of birth, study, nationality and starting year of study at Wageningen University to select the right assignments and information for you.

Rights of data subjects

You can request access to, rectification or erasure of the personal data that WURpp collects on you on any given moment by sending a written request to wurpp@wur.nl with the subject ‘access/rectification/ erasure personal data’.

Such requests for access, rectification and erasure etc. are handled within 30 days after the request.

Retention period

Personal data will be retained no longer than is necessary for previously mentioned purposes or to comply with legal (retainment) requirements.

Safety measures

Wageningen University and Sobit will take care of a fitting form of security of your personal data. Your personal data will be stored on a server of Sobit that is secured with a SSL-certificate. Only persons appointed by Wageningen University and Sobit within the frame of this project will have access to your personal data.