WURpp -The app for all students of Wageningen University

  • Download the app
  • Complete the assignments
  • Collect nice gadgets
  • Show your Wageningen student life to the world


What is WURpp?

WURpp is an app for students of Wageningen University. By completing assignments on your smartphone or tablet you can collect nice Wageningen University gadgets! Trade your earned points in for great rewards, such as the Wageningen University sweater, a Dopper or even limited edition bicycle. Share a picture of your #WURlife, invite friends to free events or give us your opinion on student and university subjects. All kinds of different assignments will be coming your way!

WURpp features

WURpp has some great features; an overview of some of them: You can complete group and individual assignments. Compete against other students and claim no. 1 in the Ranking. We have a Hall of Fame which features the most creative entries. Want to save up for that bike? Never miss any points with the automatic assignment notification option.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


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